Superb Seafood

It was at the Gulf Coast Seafood Restaurant where I got the idea to start this blog, so it's only fitting that it would be my first review.


If you LOVE seafood, the Gulf Coast Seafood Restaurant is the place to go!

The first time we walked into Gulf Coast Seafood Restaurant, I noticed was how pleasantly fresh it smelled. I didn't notice an overwhelming "fishy" odor as I usually notice at other seafood restaurants. We were greeted by one of the friendly workers who took our order at the counter. Much to my surprise, we were also greeted by one of my old school mates, Jon Patti. Jon is the grandson of the famous Joe Patti. Already, I knew this was going to be a great experience.

After much deliberation, we ordered our food at the counter, and decided to go with Jon's recommendation. Dan ordered steamed shrimp, fries and cheese grits. I ordered blackened tilapia, fried corn-on-the-cob and cheese grits. After ordering, we walked into the dining area and found a table. We felt so relaxed and at home. The background music was definitely "background" music, in the sense that it wasn't blaring. We could actually hear each other.

When we received our food, Dan and I were amazed at how much food we received! His plate was heaping with shrimp. It was basically a small mountain of shrimp. Since I wasn't sure if I wanted to go with the tilapia or flounder, Jon went ahead and threw in extra pieces of flounder along with the tilapia. I had more than enough fish! The food was so fresh and was well-seasoned. Dan and I are Yankees at heart, so we really weren't fans of grits-- until we had the cheese grits at Gulf Coast Seafood. Oh my word. Seriously, the best grits I've ever had. (After having these cheese grits, I tried it at other restaurants, and no. The cheese grits at Gulf Coast Seafood takes the cake.)

Despite the load of food we had, we finished our plates and left feeling full and happy.

Since then, we've been back several times. One great thing about Gulf Coast Seafood is that the staff is extremely personable. We've been back several times, and the staff talk to us like we're old friends. They actually remember that we've been there. Jon even remembers that we like our sweet tea "half and half" (half sweet and half unsweet).

I like to vary my meals, so sometimes, I'll order crab cakes. Again, the crab cakes are delicious! Most places serve 80% breading and 20% crab. At Gulf Coast Seafood, it's definitely 90% crab and 10% breading. Dan loves his steamed shrimp, so whenever we go, he'll get that. Sometimes, he'll get crab cakes.

If you are a seafood lover, don't walk; run to Gulf Coast Seafood! And if you're not a seafood lover, try it here and you'll convert. It's seriously just that good.