Puppy Photography

A few years ago, I bought a Canon Rebel T3. I would love to get into portrait photography eventually, but for now, I've been practicing with the puppies. It's been a challenge due to our limited communication skills. I mean really, if they start running away, there isn't much you can do about it. Sometimes even a treat won't lure them back. But, for all you pet lovers out there, here are a few tricks I've learned over the past year or so.

One thing to note: make sure you adjust your settings the best you can


 you start taking pet pictures. If you wait to adjust right before you take their pictures, you'll lose their attention pretty quickly.

1. Whip out the camera when they're sleeping and move quietly.

Christmas 2013

Spring 2014

2. Balance a treat on top of your camera lens and shoot on continuous mode. You're bound to get at least one good shot of them looking at the camera.

3. Play the "leave it" trick and snap away. This doesn't always work for young puppies. Their little minds are easily distracted.

4. Hold a treat above your head. Or have a second person hold the treat above their head. If you're taking pictures of multiple pets, you'll at least get them looking in the same direction.

4. Catch them in action. You can get some really fun shots in!

5. Puppies will be puppies! Be prepared for lots of blooper pictures!

"Gimme that Coke in your hand!"

"I'm serious. I want your coke."