Happy October!

Oh, dear, sweet October. You've finally arrived.

To say September was hectic is an understatement. Maybe one day, I'll write about it.

This weekend, we explored the Bluffs. It was so nice to relax and wander. And the best part? It was so quiet and peaceful. It was the most perfect day to kick off the autumn season.

This is the trail leading down to the beach area. I wore my beloved Toms and would not recommend it to go exploring. I slipped a few times on the fallen pine needles. 

I'm not sure if these train tracks are still being used...

The beach isn't your typical Florida panhandle beach, but I thought it was picturesque. It reminded me of up North.

My Instagram picture

And of course, I had throw in a "selfie" or "groupie" or whatever you kids call "self-taken pictures." Honestly, we didn't do anything exciting. We just talked about life and walked around until we got tired. We both needed a time to just detox from the busyness of life. It was a perfect afternoon.

Tell me where you go exploring! Leave a note in the comments. :)