I cannot believe it's already November! Ahhh! Is it just me or is the end of 2014 creeping up pretty quickly?

My October was pretty fun-filled! We...

Explored a corn maze...

We went to

Sweet Season Farms

with a couple of friends. Of course, we picked the hottest day in October to go. It was about 90 degrees that day. We survived the corn maze and rode a little hay ride. Although I brought my big camera and planned to take a lot of pictures, I never took it out and just used my little phone. Sweet Season Farms is a very family friendly place and would be a fun place to go with kids.

Carved pumpkins...

This year, we decided to do a tribute to our pups. I texted a picture to my in-laws to which my mother-in-law described our carvings as "psychedelic" and my sister-in-law said that Carl looks like an old man. It was quite comical.

Went kayaking...

So, we didn't get to paddleboard like I wanted to, but kayaking was just as fun. We kayaked to the Alabama-Florida border.

And, the best part of this month--

I won two contests!

First, I won a $25 gift card to Gulf Coast Seafood Restaurant, our

favorite seafood place


Then, I won a free cup of frozen yogurt to Wild Honey!