#Blogmas14 - A Guide to Gifts for Guys & Gals

I'm linking up with Ash & Tay for this very fun Christmas-filled #Blogmas14!


I'm knocking two birds out with one stone. By the way, I love this post's title for the sheer fact that it's alliterated. (I'm such a nerd.) What are the best gifts to give your favorite people?

For the gals:
If she's into sentimental jewelry then Origami Owl would be the perfect touch! It is a locket that can be customized with little charms.

If she's a busy-on-the-go gal, a gift certificate for a day at the spa would be perfect! Who wouldn't a time of relaxation?

Is she a picture fanatic? Get her a Shutterfly gift certificate. I personally love Shutterfly not only because of the frequent discounts, but for the sheer fact that I can order prints from the comforts of my home.

Is she a work-out-a-holic? Or a gym-junkie? How about a nice Tervis tumbler and cute workout clothes? Personally, I love this jacket!

Is she a teacher? Teachers always need red pens, extra staplers, notebooks, and stickers. Put together a little basket or tote, add a gift card to her favorite coffee shop or restaurant, slap a bow on it and wa-la! Perfection. :)

For the guys:

Is he a sports fan? Get him a sports package containing items with his favorite teams logo. A t-shirt, baseball cap, water bottle, and if you're able tickets to, tickets to a game.

Movie buff much? Does he have a favorite movie or tv series? Then get him the DVD series. I usually find them on Amazon for decent prices. Or even better, pay for a year's subscription to Netflix or Hulu.

Is he an adrenaline junkie? Then get him something crazy! Sailing lessons, a sky diving session, soaring lessons, parasailing passes, anything goes!

Perhaps he's a handy man in need of some tools. Scope out his garage if your sneaky, or if you're slick with your questions, find out what tools he needs. Last Christmas, I was able to buy Dan a miter saw and he was thrilled and shocked that I even remembered such an obscure item (obscure for a girl who knows nothing about tools).


I tried thinking out of the box for y'all! Good luck, y'all. Merry Christmas shopping!