Encouragement: March Link Up

Today, I'm linking up with Renee over at Mulling Over My Morning Coffee, and this month's word is ENCOURAGEMENT. If you haven't already checked out her blog, do so! She's such a sweet encouragement and I just love reading her posts.

Mulling Over My Morning Coffee

Ever feel like you just need a break?

Maybe you're in school and it seems like the papers and projects are never ending. Maybe you're a mom or homemaker and it seems like you just can't catch up with the never ending laundry and dishes and take care of a tiny human who needs your attention constantly. Maybe you're a working gal and nothing is going right at work. 

Ever feel like you're running on a prayer and coffee? Yup. I've been there. It seems as though the older I get, the faster the days come and go and I'm left with my head spinning. And we do it all over again the next day. As women, we push ourselves way too hard until we wear ourselves out physically and emotionally.

Friend, first, just breathe. Take a deep breath. Give yourself grace and take a few minutes to yourself. Sometimes all we need is a recharge.

  • Run off to a closet and eat a chocolate bar. Or grab a spoon and that tub of ice cream and dig in.
  • Maybe you can't leave the kiddos. Pop them in the car, play some fun tunes, and head to your favorite drive-through for a milkshake or coffee. And treat the kids for being good. Sometimes getting out of the house is a good thing.
  • Make a lunch date with a girlfriend.
  • Surprise your husband at work for lunch.
  • Get a massage. Or a pedicure. Or both!
  • Go for a run. Or take a walk outside.
  • Take the kids to the park and let the run around so they take a good long nap.
  • Read a good book. Or listen to a podcast.
  • Take a nice long hot shower.
  • Go to bed as soon as the kids are in bed and just relax.

Find that thing that helps you recharge and do it! Forget the laundry, the papers and projects (unless they're due the next class period), and the stresses of life and take time for YOU. I have found that getting out of the house (even with my daughter as my little sidekick) does magical things when I'm stressed out and I feel so much better when I come home.

Finally, give lean on the Lord, and give Him your stresses. I memorized this verse a long time ago and it is so comforting to know that Jesus cares for us and will take on our burdens no matter how great or small!.

Isn't that an awesome promise from our Lord? Even He knows we need our rest. Give him your burdens and stresses. He will take care of you.

If you've been encouraged by this, please share with a friend. Also, link up with Renee! You'll be so inspired and encouraged.