What I'm Loving || A February Recap

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Holy moly, guys. It's March! Where did February go? I cannot believe March is here...and that just means, at least for a Florida girl, beach weather is here! I can't complain though, this winter has been very warm compared to other years, unlike when we had the freak ice storm in 2014. Yes, it actually snowed in Florida. Here's a picture to prove it...

I know all you northerners are laughing at me because I mean, let's be honest, that isn't terribly snowy. But, hey in Florida, anything of an icy nature is snow to us! Hah! And, yes, my dog Carl, the one looking at ya, has no idea what to think about this magical cold and icy white stuff. But we're not here to talk about that... let's talk about what I've been loving this last month!

ONE || My husband and I discovered the tv show Timeless. Guys. This show is a mix between Back to the Future, Lost, and Where in the World is Carmen San Diego. It's like Back to the Future, because the main three characters, Lucy, Rufus, and Wyatt go back in time to different eras, such as the Hindenburg crash, the death of Jesse James, Charles Lindburgh's transAtlantic flight, etc. It's like Lost, because the characters all have some sort of backstory that unfolds throughout the season and we are still left wondering what's going on. There are also a lot of twists in which you aren't sure who the bad guy really is. It's also like Where in the World is Carmen San Diego because Lucy, Rufus, and Wyatt are sent on this mission to find and kill Garcia Flynn, who may or may not be a bad guy. 

They just wrapped up the first season, but it's still on demand and you can watch the entire season on NBC's website. Right now, they haven't announced whether or not it'll be renewed because of the live ratings. However, it airs really late! I think if they changed the time slot, Timeless live numbers would go up. Timeless is a show you could watch with your family (I'd say probably 12 or 13 and older depending on your child's maturity and your family guidelines). I am really hoping they renew!

TWO || When Calls the Heart season four FINALLY kicked off! This is the other show I'm in love with. And seasons 1-3 are on Netflix! This is another family friendly show as it's very similar to Road to Avonlea for any Anne fans out there and Little House on the Prairie. And speaking of Little House, Michael Landon Jr. is one of the executive producers and creators for When Calls the Heart, just saying! I am loving season four so far because the show has become less Jack and Elizabeth centered (don't hate me, I do absolutely love those two!) and has become more Hope Valley community focused. I do think as long as the writers keep a good balance between writing about Jack and Elizabeth's story and the community's story, this show will run for a long time. The only downfall is that each season is only 10 episodes! If you don't have cable and are just dying to watch season 4, you can buy the season pass on Amazon. The HD is $28.99 for the season but the SD is $18.99.

THREE || I'm in the middle of reading Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley. And let me tell you. All of you need to read this. Especially new moms. In the first chapter, I felt like Emily was writing about my thoughts the last year. I used to play the comparison game and sometimes I catch myself still doing so. It is so hard to avoid going into the land of "I wish." It's okay for us not to have it all together! We need to give ourselves grace. I also just heard this on a podcast this morning, but sometimes when we see someone's perfect life on Instagram, we are only seeing the surface. The grass isn't always greener on the other side.

FOUR || Our pastor has been doing a series on the Spirit Life and ironically enough, he started the series after I posted about joy. He has been sharing so many great reminders from Romans 8. The biggest takeaway I have had is Romans 8:6: To be spiritually minded is life and peace. AKA to have a joyful spirit life! When we are Christ-centered, joy will radiate in our lives! And this doesn't mean that we won't have trials and tribulations that come our way. This means that our joyous testimony will shine through to others even at the worst times. 

FIVE || This isn't really specific to February, but I just have to share my love for podcasts. I discovered them sometime last year when I had a commute to work and now that I don't have a long commute, I have to find time to listen to my favorite podcasters. Right now, I'm totally obsessed with Jamie Ivey from the Happy Hour and Marriage More with Jeff and Mandy Rose. I'm always looking for a good podcast to listen to, so if anyone has any recommendations, please share below!

SIX || Elli's vocabulary has seemed to blossom this month. She's just so funny! She has mastered how to fake sneeze-- yes, you read that correctly! I think we taught that to her by mistake during a time of desperation when she was upset and we were trying to make her laugh. It worked. And she figured out how to copy us. Other words Elli has added to her vocabulary include cracker, cookie, apple, and blue. She definitely identifies us as "mum or mama" and "daddy" whereas before she would just say "mum" and "da" for fun. She's also identifying objects in her books even if she can't say the word. It has been so amazing to watch this little one grow up! I am loving this stage she's in!

SEVEN || The best part of February was that we found out we are having another GIRL!! I am so excited for Elli to have a little sister! This will be a different dynamic for me to watch because I never had a sister growing up and always envied my friends who did. I so pray that they grow up to be the best of friends and that they'll always have a close bond.

Also, little sister has been kicking around and I have definitely felt her! She seems to be a lot like her big sister, in the fact that she is very relaxed, but we'll see as she keeps growing. It's funny, because I feel like she can read my thoughts. I'll randomly think "how's little sis?" and she'll do a flip flop or something. I love feeling her move! 

February was such a fun month! I am totally looking forward to March as I have a couple fun things planned. And! I'm totally looking forward to some great weather! What have you discovered or what have you been loving lately? Share below in the comments!