She's Here!! Introducing Our Little June Bug


Our little June bug is here!! Miss Abigail has joined the fam bam and is doing so well! I don't know if it's because she's the second child, but my goodness, this child has been way easier than Elli. She is just as happy as a lark unless she's hungry. And when Abby is hungry, she is HANGRY (like her momma, haha!). Elli is in love with her baby sister and I think they'll be best friends growing up. I am so excited to see what the future holds for us.

The Birth Story

The day before Abby was born was like any other day except for the fact that I was extremely tired and I was also having inconsistent contractions throughout the day. I was craving Moe's for dinner, so Dan and I stopped there before going to my parents house. My due date at this point was a week away, but I wasn't holding my breath because Elli came 3 weeks early. And while I was more than ready to have the baby, I didn't want to go into labor that evening because we didn't have anyone to watch Elli. My father-in-law had an outpatient surgery that day and both of my parents were working late night and early morning shifts. Any other day would work, but I just could NOT go into labor that evening.

Yeah, well, Abby had other plans.

At 2:15 AM, I started to wake up, and felt that something was different. Then I heard my water "break." Super weird, I know! But, it sounded like something was unzipping. I wasn't too sure what was going on, but I got up from the couch and just stood there for a moment expecting my water to just start gushing, but it didn't. I debated whether or not I should wake Dan up for a moment and decided that this was probably the real thing. As soon as I woke him up, my water completely broke. I mean, it was like the Hoover Dam breaking open. Within fifteen minutes of that happening, my contractions went from a tolerance level of 2 to about a 5. And my hormones started going wacky and I started snapping at Dan and crying all at the same time... really for no reason. It didn't help that we weren't sure what to do with Elli since it was the middle of the night.

We ended up calling Dan's parents and as Dan was talking to his Dad, I heard Dan's mom say "They want us to come now??" I found out later that Dan's mom was barely awake or cognizant of the situation and she thought that we were calling to ask them to feed our dogs. We can laugh about it now, but at the time, being super hormonal and emotional, I was about to flip out...did they not understand that I was about to have a baby?! Anyways, once everyone was on the same page, they agreed to come. At this point, the contractions were coming consistently and they were getting stronger. Waiting for his parents to come was the LONGEST thirty minutes of my life. Because Elli came so quickly, I started to get nervous that I would just have the baby right then and there or on the highway on the way to the hospital or something.

My in-laws finally came and we drove off to the hospital. By the time I checked in, it was 3:15 AM. I was 5-6 centimeters dilated and I told them that I wanted an epidural. Here's my two cents-- God gave us the ability to have modern medicine for a reason, so why not use those resources? Hehe. Anyways, I wasn't able to get the epidural for another hour because the CRNA was at another delivery in which the mom was delivering twins via c-section and couldn't get away, so an OR nurse ended up giving me the epidural.

By about 5:45, it seemed like the epidural was wearing off, but I wasn't sure because I remembered with Elli when that happened, I was at 10 centimeters. I told the nurse and asked for another dose because I thought the epidural was wearing out and I thought we had a few more hours until Abby came. She let me have another dose and then left the room. I got comfy, at least as comfy as one can get during labor, expecting the nurse to come back in an hour. However, she rushed back with my doctor less than five minutes later. My doctor checked me out and said those magic words-- "Ready to have a baby?" I couldn't believe it! We had only been there barely three hours! (Thank you, Lord!) The nurses prepped me for labor and I started to push. I didn't do it correctly during the first contraction because I couldn't feel a thing-- darn epidural! With Elli, I could still feel the pressure while pushing, so this was a whole new thing for me. With the next contraction, I gave one push and Abby was born! I couldn't believe how quick she came. We did skin-to-skin for a good hour before the nurse came in to weigh her and clean her off. Abby was an easy and content baby from the very beginning. We were even able to watch her first bath and she loved getting her hair washed. Afterwards, we settled back in our room for some Abby snuggles and Dan and I both took turns resting. We opted not to have any visitors except our parents and Elli, so that I could recover.

Abby's first visitor was my mom who was able to visit after her shift was up and that evening she and my dad brought Elli to meet Abby. My mom had gotten Abby the cutest "Promoted to Big Sister" shirt. As soon as Elli saw Abby, her eyes lit up and she said, "Baby!" We asked if she could say "Abby" but Elli refused, so I asked her if she could say "Sissy." And "Sissy" has stuck every since. Elli gave Abby a few kisses, but was still a little shy about holding her. Elli has loved her little sister since day one! I am so proud of her! She greets "Sissy" every morning and kisses her goodnight before bed. She also has tried to share her toys and a goldfish snack-- to which I have had to keep a sharp eye out for. 

Big Sis loving on lil sis... excuse my thumb, lol... just trying to make sure Abby had enough neck support! KayceeSimpson.Com

Big Sis loving on lil sis... excuse my thumb, lol... just trying to make sure Abby had enough neck support!



I was a bit nervous about the recovery because my recovery with Elli was really rough. However, this time around, my recovery, despite having an epidural, was much easier. Abby is also a really good napper and even her cluster feedings were pretty consistent to wanting to eat every hour. It's been a couple weeks and we are all healthy and happy. Dan is officially outnumbered and you know, I don't think he really minds. :-)

Through it all, God has been so good to us. We have been so blessed.